Toddler Cinema

AHHAA 4D Toddler Cinema welcomes all the movie fans who are a bit too small for the regular 4D screenings. It’s also suitable for pregnant women. In the Toddler Cinema, the chairs are not moving, but the visitors can still enjoy other effects (e.g. wind and water).

Currently, you can watch three movies in the Toddler Cinema. Please note that the ticket prices and screening times in the table below apply for individual visitors. 

Groups can book these movies in other times as well. Scroll down to see the prices for groups.

NEW! Sunny Bunnies

FROM 22.12.2016! Meet your five new funny friends: The Sunny Bunnies! Join the stars of Sunny Park in a happy, colorful and friendly ride. They’re united to bring you fun and joy, day and night. Can you keep up with them?

Miriam's Picnic

The very first Estonian 3D stop-motion movie! Little girl doll Miriam, her family and their pet chicken, go on a picnic. But the chicken are not used to scarecrows and little brothers tend to get confused by friendly worms, so a carefully planned gathering turns into a big mess. However, every story has a beautiful ending - even if it looked a bit frightening at the start.

Every Sunday at 11.40
Price per person: 4,30 €

Aha, Visit to Lotte!

A fun adventure for the whole family that follows the famous Estonian cartoon character Lotte and her friends!

Fly through the magnificent Estonian landscape on a cone rocket, bounce on the mushrooms, speed through mole tunnels and try not to splash yourself with water while flying over the rivers and creeks.

Every day at 12.10 and 19.10
Price per person: 3,20 € 
(Mon-Fri at 12.10) or 4,30 €/in (Mon-Fri at 19.10 and Sat-Sun at 12.10 and 19.10)

Prices (discounts) for groups

There are two kinds of discounts for groups (at least 12 people) who visit the 4D Adventure Cinema:

  • One Movie Discount: tickets to a movie cost 2.50 € (Mon-Fri 12-16) or 3.50 € (Mon-Fri 16-20, Sat-Sun 12-20) per person
  • Two Movies Discount: tickets to two movies cost 4 € (Mon-Fri 12-16) or 5 € (Mon-Fri 16-20, Sat-Sun 12-20) per person

We also offer two kinds of discounts for the groups (at least 12 people) that have previously visited the science centre:

  • One Movie Discount: tickets to a movie cost 2 € per person
  • Two Movies Discount: tickets to two movies cost 3 € per person

Attention! Group discount applies to previously booked visits only. In order to get the Two Movies Discount, a group must watch both movies in a row, without leaving the cinema inbetween. The movies will be chosen by the group.

Additional information for school and kindergarten groups

SCHOOL GROUPS: For every 14 students, one teacher gets a ticket for free

KINDERGARTEN GROUPS: Accompanying teachers get their tickets for free, other accompanying adults must buy separate tickets 

AHHAA 4D Adventure Cinema
Lõunakeskus Shopping Centre
 (Ringtee 75, Tartu)
Open every day 11.30—20.00

Ph: +372 731 5650