Researchers’ Night 2013

Welcome to the page of Researchers’ Night, a spectacular science event that takes place in Tartu every September! We bring you the finest assortment of events that are suitable for both young and old science enthusiasts. Why not take part in one of the numerous workshop right in the middle of Town Hall Square? Explore the top secret laboratories? Debate with scientists on intriguing and exciting topics? Why not do all this and a whole lot more?

This year, the Researchers’ Night took place on 27. September 2013. Did you know that it’s actually a pan-European mega-event happening simultaneously in 300 cities! The Researchers’ Night aims to bring science and people together all over Estonia – from east to west and north to south.

Find out more about Researchers’ Night project and events elsewhere in Europe here.

We’d like to thank our kind supporters. For the full list, please see the following page.




(Here are some of those fabulous people who visited the festival last year. Did you?)

Mina ka!

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