From 14th of November at 4pm and until 26th of April our exhibition hall is encountered by real dinosaurs who roar, move, scream and probably will make your heart beat.

How did this happen? Well we invented a Time Machine and accidentally turned it 200 million years into the past. The result is a house full of dinosaurs and we’re a bit in trouble. If you dare then come and see how they really looked like.

Did you know?

  • Dinosaurs lived on all the continents, including Antarctica
  • All dinosaurs laid eggs. About 40 kinds of dinosaur eggs have been discovered. 25. The largest dinosaur eggs were as large as basketballs. The bigger the egg, the thicker the shell. So if the eggs had been larger, dinosaur babies probably would not have been able to get out.
  • 120 tons – The weight of ONE Argentinosaurus, the heaviest of all animals, equal to 100 elephants.
  • Some dinosaurs had more than 1000 teeth. All dinosaurs could replace their teeth at any time.
  • that the closest living relatives of dinosaurs today are Birds. They have existed and evolved over the last 150 million years.

If you want to find out some more about dinosaurs, then come and see our exhibition.
Exhibition is open from 14.11.2014 - 26.04.2015.