Enter the wonderful and mysterious world of senses! AHHAA's brand new exhibition "Aha, Keep in Touch!" opens on 12 November 2013.

From 12 November 2013 to 13 April 2014, the visitors of AHHAA are most welcocme to visit our sense- and perception-themed exhibition "Aha, Keep in Touch!". Nearly 50 interactive hands-on (and minds-on) exhibits are waiting for you in our hall of temporary exhibitions.

The exhibition is divided into nine different areas. Come and check out the snuggling tunnel, take a journey into the world of human perception, wander in the dark and explore the animal kingdom

In "Aha, Keep in Touch!", you will...

  • get to know the world through the soles of your feet
  • read books written in Braille alphabet and find out how to get around in complete darkness, where you cannot rely on any visual perception
  • find out how easily minds can be deceived

The exhibition will be open until 13 April 2014.

"Aha, Keep in Touch!" is built by Apex.
Photographs courtesy of Apex.