Starting from 7 May, visitors of AHHAA are most welcome to explore „Aha, Let’s Play!“, the brand new hands-on exhibition on games. The exhibition arrives here from Mexico (and also makes its first ever appearance in Europe!). 

See what your everyday toys would look like if they were ten times bigger and get a glimpse of the environment that is usually reserved for children.

  • Look at the world through the eyes of a child
  • Find out what are the psychological effects of the games
  • Discover new possibilities for playing
  • Realize that a game is so much more than just a child’s play!

Think big. Think playfully.

Games play an important role in our lives and have several purposes - both entertaining and social. Through games and playing, we get to know each other, learn how to communicate and assess situations. They also shape and develop our sense of empathy, thus helping us better understand the feelings and actions of others.

Therefore, we can say that games are valuable and irreplaceable throughout our lives.

The exhibition PLAY was created by Nacho Rodrigues Bach.