Hey, all 7-12th graders in Lithuania!

Here is a challenge for you from the Science Centre AHHAA!
People often say that science is boring, dull and difficult. Unless you are not Einstein, there is no chance you can handle it and make it interesting.

Think you know any better? You say that science can be thrilling, fun and amazing?
If yes, then accept the challenge and prove it with a science experiment!

Create a 1 minute video, where you perform the coolest science experiment you can come up with in chemistry, physics, mathematics or other STEM areas. And send it to us!


  • You can  participate in two categories: For 7-9th graders and for 10-12th graders.
  • Sign up with the team that consists of 2-5 members
  • One of the members can be a teacher
  • Participants must be from the same school
  • From one school can sign up several teams
  • One team can send only one video


  • Maximum length 1 minute
  • Talk in video can be in Lithuanian (with English subtitles) or completely in English 
  • Upload it to www.youtube.com with a headline “(School name or team name) Accepts AHHAA´s challenge”
    For example:  Klaipėdos „Ąžuolyno“ gimnazija accepts AHHAA´s challenge
  • Also add a short description to the video (up to 400 characters) both in Lithuanian and in English (You can ask here the help of your English teacher), that describes the physics background of the experiment.

What we value in the video:

  • Your experiment is related to physics
  • You are creative and you have tons of enthusiasm
  • Your video really proves that Physics is Cool! :) 


  • The submit period is from 13-26.11. 
  • Send a link to the video, team members’ names, your grade and the school name to the address: marketing@ahhaa.ee .
  • We will announce winners online on 1st of December.


The ultimate challenge winner will get AHHAA tickets and can invite Science Centre AHHAA to their school in spring, where we perform science theatre show for the whole school! Winners are taken to AHHAA and back with the help of Lux Express.

Additional Prizes are givent to: 

  • The best science experiment video submited by 7-9 graders
  • The best science experiment video submited by 10-12 graders
  • The most original Science Experiment
  • Mr Popular - the video that has most views in Youtube by midnight of 30th of November


  • Kaunas University of Technology
  • Lux Express
  • Tartu Hotel


If you have additional questions, send  them to the marketing@ahhaa.ee . Write in English or in Russian.