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Science Theatre

AHHAA's Science Theatre shows are both spectacular and educational! You will find yourself in the midst of the rustle and bustle of experiments (and occasional explosions) and get simple explanations to the complex principles behind the laws of nature.

Science theatre shows can be enjoyed in AHHAA Tartu every day. Each show can seat up to 70 people and lasts 35-45 minutes. A more detailed plan is displayed on the screens located in the lobby of the centre. The shows are free for the visitors of science centre.

Booking information

Pre-booked shows cost 200 €, the price for exclusive science show starts from 500 €. Please note that these rates apply only when booking a show in AHHAA. We also offer the possibility of ordering a science theatre show to your desired location in Estonia. Prices for science shows outside AHHAA start from 360 €.

Booking and additional information:
Mo-Fri 9-17
Tel: +372 515 6766  

Our Science Theatre shows 


The following science theatre shows can be seen in AHHAA (check the daily programme on the main page of our website!) and also booked for groups, both in AHHAA and your desired location in Estonia.

1. Aha, Sounds Great!

We're constantly surrounded by differents sounds and noises (and we make some of them ourselves as well), but how do sounds "happen" anyway? Why are some people's voices lower than the others? Can you actually use your voice to shatter glass? How do you make your ordinary household items, such as metal table legs, sing? Welcome to the world of hertzes, decibels and sound waves! Sounds great, doesn't it?

2. Aha, High Voltage!

Have you ever taken off a wooden sweater and seen a spark? Or maybe noticed that while camping, your hair tends to raise up? The secret lies in the word electricity! What is it? And how to be safe around it? This is where we seek answers to those questions – and many more!

3. SOS, Maths!

Even though we might try, we can't deny the importance of mathematics. Mathematics as a system is elegant, thorough - and even beautiful. However, at a first glance, it seems to lack a tangible element. In this science theatre we take a closer look on what mathematics really is and how many different fields of science (but also our everyday lives!) it covers - in an unexpected and surprising way!

Recommended for age 10 and over

4. Chemistry of Fire

Fire is an extremely important invention (and process) for humankind. Thanks to fire, we are able to drive cars, heat up our houses in wintertime and do so much more. Are you aware of what fire really is and what it takes to create flames? Do you know how to make fuel burn even faster? What kind of materials burn and which ones don't? All these questions and many more will be answered during this science theatre show. Additionaly, you will see liquid oxygen, lots of awesome flames - and of course, there will also be some amazing bangs!

 Colourful Chemistry

What is a chemical reaction and can we affect it somehow? What are the purposes of indicators and catalysts? What on earth is chemoluminescence? Do these words and concepts make your head explode? It's alright, we'll make them fun and easy - and explain everything through colourful experiments!

6. Wondrous Water

Where did water come from? This is the first thing you’ll going to find out. Of course, we’re not going to stop there, so when we’ve created water, we’ll show you how wondrous such a simple substance actually is. Considering the nature of this science theatre show, you’ll also see a surprising amount of fire and explosions.

7. Amazing Air

What is this strange substance that you breathe in every day? Is it the same thing that you breathe out? Have you ever felt a pressure of 17 tons of air? Or wondered what it is all made of? Can you make air liquid? Can you make air visible? We will answer all these questions (and many more!). And leave you completely breathless!

8. Disgusting Digestion

What happens to food once you have eaten it? Where does it go? What will become of it?

In this science show, we take a look inside a human body. Join us through a series of fun experiments to learn some fascinating things about food chemistry and see how our digestive system works (and whether it’s really as disgusting as it might seem at a first glance). Why is it useful to have a glass of water at hand, when you’re eating a cookie? How do the 9-metre-long intestines fit into a 1,8-metre human body? And how can a pasta factory be a dangerous place?

9. Brain Exposed!

In this show, we are all test subjects! How do we know that the things we see are real and not the product of our imagination? Can we trust our own eyes? What happens inside our brains when we hear an awesome melody? We will test your attention, try to deceive you with illusions and see how good your coordination and movement skills are - through a series of playful experiments that are good for your mind and brain.

10. Extraordinary Egg

This spring-time special brings you the most unbelievable tricks with eggs and introduces you to their marvellous nature. We will walk on raw eggs and show you why microwaving eggs may not be such a good idea after all. (Don’t try this at home, that’s our point!).

Attention! This is a special Easter show

Aha, Cold as Ice

It doesn't matter if it isn't actually snowing outside, here in AHHAA we can still give you that proper wintry feeling. We'll make it snow, create instant crystals, prepare some Christmas-y decorations and drop the temperature to the whopping -196 degrees! Oh, and did we mention that our science show staff can make northern lights and stars appear in broad daylight? Welcome to the winter wonderland!

12. An Elf's Christmas Exam

So, you've probably heard of Santa's Helpers. But do you know what it takes to become the best elf in the world? In this show, you'll be able to help our elves pass their Christmas exam. See how they manage to perfect their gift-wrapping skills and learn the secrets of snow, how they make christmas lights work with no electricity and organize a spectacular firework!

13. Exclusive Science Show


Attention! For special events only! Price starts from 500 €
This show brings you the very best of our science theatre shows. Fire tornado, exploding bubbles and hydrogen balloons, mysterious reactions, enormous soap bubbles and fireworks are just some of the extraordinary effects you may see. The show is available on pre-order only (either in our hall of technology or outside AHHAA). Information and booking on or +372 515 6766.


The following science theatre shows can only be seen in AHHAA, and cannot be booked at the moment. Check the daily programme on the
main page of our 
1. Magical Chemistry

What is this chemistry everybody is talking about? They say it's all around us - and they sure are right! This science theatre shows you that behind these complex equations everybody has studied, there are actually everyday life situations. So let’s find out together why it is so important, from dust to how we can survive in the wild. And to make it even more interesting, we’ll unfold some Hollywood secrets and imitate Harry Potter’s tricks. We can assure you, that there will be more than enough fire and colours involved!

2. Let There Be Light!

This science theatre show was created as a part of the program for the International Year of Light (2015).

Come and discover the essence of light! What does light consist of and how can we see it in the first place? In addition to experimenting with visible light, we also take on the light that cannot be seen. And last, but not least, we test the power of light!

3. Aha, Saves the Day!

Let's be honest, nobody likes to be told what to do or not to do. "Try to be careful while making pancakes... ", "Whatever you do, do not try to put out burning oil with water...". We will do EVERYTHING the way it should not be done, so you won't have to!

4. Aha, Beware of the Car!

Join us on a (bumpy?) ride through science and traffic safety. Who would have thought that there two have so much in common? Our very first traffic-themed science show is equally enjoyable for drivers and pedestrians. Find out how airbags work, why you should always fasten your seatbelt and what are the benefits of wearing a helmet while riding your bike. All of this will be seasoned with very AHHAA-like unexpected moments (and humor).

Supported by  North Prefecture of Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, Social Welfare and Health Care Board of Tallinn, Transport Board of Tallinn and Estonian Road Administration