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Christmas Workshops

At Christmas time, the visitors of AHHAA have a chance to participate in special Christmas workshops! Make wonderful snowflakes, tasty Christmas decorations or edible gifts for the birds, and feel the taste and smell of holidays.

Workshops are free for visitors of the Centre, except for pre-booked workshops for groups. The price for a booked workshop is 2 € per person (with the Science Centre ticket) or 4 € per person (without the Science Centre ticket). If you wish to book a workshop outside AHHAA, please note that the prices start from 360 €.

Additional information and booking Mon-Fri 9-17: ph: +372 515 6766, e-mail:

1. Christmas Decoration with a Spark

Ever notice how sometimes your hair is completely charfed with static electricity, or how you get a small "electric shock" when touching different objects. And especially in winter! Build a christmas decoration and put a real "spark" in it - let's find out what static electricity is all about!

Max. 30 people, ~30 minutes, ages 10 and over.

2. The Great Meltdown

Why do we throw salt and sand on the roads in winter? What's the fastest way for melting ice? Why do we need to de-frost the locks? How can something that's not warm still melt the ice? Come and find answers to all these questions, and many more!

10-25 people,  ~45 minutes

Minimum age 5 years, recommended age 7 years 

3. Winter Cream

Our skin is gentle and requires constant care - in winter, even more so. Find out which ingredients are especially good for your skin and create a nourishing winter cream!

10-25 people, 30-45 minutes, recommended ages 10 and over

4. A Christmas Gift for Birds

You’re probably planning a nice festive dinner for Christmas. Why not offer a nice Christmas treat for the birds as well? In this workshop, we’ll make an edible gift for our feathery friends. See who’s going to feast on your gift!

Max. 20 people, 45-60 minutes, ages 7 and over.

5. Christmas Chocolate

What does the Christmas taste like? Like gingerbreads? Maybe cinnamon, or even peppermint? In this workshop, we make our own delicious chocolate and give it a festive touch - everyone can choose their own favourite taste. We also peek into the history of one of the world's most beloved sweet.

Max 25 people, up to 45 minutes, recommended minimum age: 7 years.

6. Christmas Soap

We are surrounded by shampoos, washing powders etc. How do they all work? Let’s take a journey into the worlds of soap and find out more about it! In the end you will have a chance to make yourself some amazingly smelling and delightfully looking soap that would make a perfect Christmas gift!

10-25 people, 45-60 minutes
Minimum age: 5 years, recommended age: 9 and over

7. Tangerine DNA

DNA is similar to a recipe that holds all the important information inside – color and shape of our hair and eyes, nose and even brain. All the living organisms have DNA and we are all rather alike with animals and plants. Who is closer to us, mosquito or banana? This workshop gives you a chance to extract DNA from a tangerine and see it with your eyes! 

10-25 people, up to 30 minutes
Minimum age: 7 years, recommended age: 10 and over.