You have never seen anything like it! A brand new exhibition "Aha, Brain!" is now open! Come and find out how powerful the brain can be and how YOU can make it even better!
🧠  Did you know that the constant work of the brain is only good? Therefore, at our new exhibition, you will have to use your brains all the time! Test yourself with exciting puzzles, see how easy it is to trick your brain, unleash your creativity in a band or on the dance floor, learn fascinating brain facts and experience emotions with your whole body. So that your brain doesn't get tired, there is also a cozy rest area waiting for you at the exhibition!

Come and find out:
  • How to take care of your brain to live a long and healthy life?
  • How to eat for the benefit of the brain?
  • How does music or crafts develop the brain?
  • Why is a healthy mind in a healthy body?

P.S. Of course, you can visit the exhibition alone, but all brain games are especially suitable for groups of 2-5. This way, you can practice group work skills and laugh heartily - it also has a good effect on the brain!

An engaging family exhibition is open at AHHAA until May 1st, 2023. The exhibition was made by Science Centre Heureka in cooperation with the Finnish Brain Association.

Mind your brain!
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