If you think maths is boring, you better think again! Solve the logic puzzles, find out how a Monkey Calculator or an addiator works and try to fit all your friends inside one cubic metre!

If you think that mathematics is a) boring and/or b) totally incomprehensible, you better think again! Our exhibition"Aha, Cubed" is dedicated to - yup, you guessed it - mathematics! This exhibition is first of the several additions to our permanent exhibition and it is situated on the 3rd floor balcony in our Hall of Technology.

The aim of the new exhibition is to show that mathematics is all around us and almost everything we do could be explained through mathematics.

Find out...

  • how the Pythagorean theorem works
  • how large is one cubic metre
  • what is a Monkey Calculator and what is an addiator - and how do they work
  • how does the length of a pendulum effect its amplitude

And of course, a lot more!

Entrance to the exhibition with the centre ticket!

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