What makes everyone and everything pull together? We feel it in our muscles when lifting something, but we don’t really notice it in our daily lives. Why does an apple thrown into the air sooner or later fall down towards the centre of the Earth? Or why does a space rocket need so much power and force to break itself free from Earth?

Now you can learn the secrets of gravity with us.

Our new hands-on exhibition “Aha, gravity!” is an adrenaline-rushing adventure that tests even the bravest.

How much does a litre of milk weigh on Mars or Venus? Which is stronger, gravity or centrifugal force? How does it feel to fall from a height of 5 metres?

Each exhibit reveals unprecedented secrets of gravity. Come and check out:

  • A rotating human centrifuge

  • A giant free-fall slide

  • A human yo-yo

  • A planetary rally game

  • And many other adrenaline-rich exhibits.

The gripping family exhibition is open in AHHAA from June 11. “Aha, gravity!” is infinitely attractive!

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