A new exciting and engaging sports-themed exhibition "Aha, Sport!" is now open!
It is designed and built from start to finish right here at AHHAA. "Aha, Sport!" is a traditional hands-on exhibition, where you can really experience everything. Sports lovers will find a perfect hall full of entertainment.

For example, do you know how long your thrown ball will be in the air and how accurate the throw is? Or how many meters can you endure in endless mountain climbing? Or could your high jump come close to a world record? The sports exhibition is full of exciting answers to questions that may arise in everyday life or, conversely, that you do not think about in ordinary life at all.

It would be nice to test yourself at the starting line and find out who is faster. You could also test whether you can play football under the table and table tennis in the sewer. Or find out what your body mass index is! In the exhibition, you can test your strength even in a game of tug of wars!

You will remember a day full of sports-themed experiences, burned calories and challenges for a long time. This exhibition is suitable for the (brain) muscles of all visitors.

Take on our challenge and come visit AHHAA!
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