15 € Buy ticket


1-2 adults + all the underage (0-18 y) children in the family.
39 € Buy ticket

Family + planetarium tickets

Only sold when there are available seats for the planetarium shows on that day. Children must be at least 5 years old to visit the planetarium (except for the family show "Let's Fly to Space")
49 € Buy ticket from the ticket desk

Students, teachers, seniors (65+ a)

11 € Buy ticket


For a person with seriously impaired vision or movement, who needs to be accompanied. Admission is free for the accompanying person.
11 € Buy ticket


Must be accompanied (accompanying person must be at least 14 years old).
0 € Buy ticket from the ticket desk


5 € Buy ticket from the ticket desk

Planetarium (bought online)

4 € Buy ticket


Pre-order only
Mon-Thu 140 €
Fri-Sun 180 €

Gift cards

5 - 500 € Buy ticket from the ticket desk
Ticket sales stop one hour before closing time.
You don't need to book a non-group visit to AHHAA. Buy your ticket online or at the ticket desk of the centre.

Additional and other discounts

  • When visiting VSpa, you get a discount of 10% at AHHAA, when presenting the receipt. The discount also works the other way round. You can use the discount in 7 days after the visit
  • When visiting Aura Centre on the same day, you get a discount of 20% at the water park or SPA, when presenting your ticket (wristband) from AHHAA. Groups that have visited AHHAA can also use this discount, but we kindly ask you to inform Aura of your visit beforehand.
  • Visitors of Aura Centre can get a 20% discount at AHHAA, when presenting your same day ticket (receipt). This does not apply to planetarium tickets!
  • Entrance for ISIC/ITIC card holders is only 11 €!
  • Entrance for European Youth Card holders is only 11 €!
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