First man in space, first man on Moon, first man on...Mars? How far can we go and who's going to get there first?

AHHAA's new exhibition for the whole family opens on 4 May!

"Aha, Race to Space!“ shows you the most exciting moments from mankind's conquest of space and how different countries have pursued the new heights - to be the first to leave a trace in an unknown territory.

We're all familiar with the story on how the US and the Soviet Union used to race tirelessly against each other to send their first man to the Earth's orbit or Moon, but the race to space is far from over. Today, nearly every country is capable of building some kind of space technology and send it to space (even such a small state as Estonia has successfully launched a satellite ESTCube). Not to even mention projects such as SpaceX that are run by private corporations instead. Will the first man really walk on Mars soon? And will we be able to travel to other galaxies?

Come to AHHAA's new exhibition and check out:

  • the space satellite Sputnik (yes, the one that has actually been in space!)
  • a real space suit
  • bits and pieces of Moon that were gathered during the lunar missions
  • telescopes and other various space studying instruments from ancient times to the current age

„Aha, Race to Space!“ is open until 3 November.

This exhibition was created by Aurea Exhibitions