From 10 till 12 November, Science Centre AHHAA in Tartu, Estonia will be celebrating the Fathers’ Day weekend and the International Science Centre and Science Museum Day (ISCSMD) by offering a programme filled with ocean literacy-themed hands-on activities inspired by Sea Change.

The activities will include learning about safety at sea in an oversized ball pit container, workshops on cleaning up oil spills, making ocean-friendly toothpaste, building lighthouses and fun motor boats from recycled materials and participating in guided tours to see the creatures of the Red Sea tropical aquarium in AHHAA.

Programme of the Fathers’ (Sea)Academy weekend

(the programme is the same on all 3 days, except for the Red Sea guided tour)

  • 11-12 Hands-on workshop "The Lighthouse"

People have built bonfires and erected lamps on the coast for centuries to make navigating easier for ships on the sea. In this workshop participants will learn how lighthouses have evolved throughout the years, where the biggest and highest beacons in the world are located and will get to take home their very own DIY lighthouse. 

  • 12-13 Hands-on workshop "DIY Toothpaste"

Why do we need to brush our teeth? Do we know what is inside toothpaste and what we flush down the drain while brushing? This workshop is perfect for people who are ready to learn about the effects of our daily hygiene habits on the environment and willing to make a change for the better. In this workshop everyone will be able to make toothpaste from ingredients that are gentle on the ocean, containing no microplastics or other harmful elements!

  • Exclusive! Only on Saturday, 11 November! 12.30 guided tour to the Red Sea aquarium

The guided tour will take all visitors to meet the creatures of AHHAA’s Red Sea tropical aquarium to learn about the life and habits of fish, corals and sea urchins and their importance in the ecosystem.

  • 13-14 Interactive safety demonstration/workshop "Help, I’m Drowning!"

How to act when you find yourself in danger of drowning or how to help a friend in a similar situation? Why do we need life vests? Are life rings identical to swim tubes? In this interactive demonstration/workshop participants will get to experience how it feels to be rescued from a makeshift sea (which is actually an oversized ball pit) and learn about safety at sea and land and on a boat.

  • 14-15 Hands-on workshop "Fish Necropsy"

In this workshop participants will transform into surgeons and get to dissect a fish to see what is inside it and learn how polluted sea water can cause irreparable damage to the organs of sea creatures. In addition, attention will be payed how fish that have grown up in water polluted by humans can find their way back on our plates and influence our health as well.

  • 15-16 Hands-on workshop "Cleaning up Oils Spills"

What causes oil spills and what could be the consequences of oil polluting the ocean? This workshop will teach about the different absorbent materials used for cleaning up oil spills and test the skills of participants in choosing the most efficient ways to save the birds and animals at sea from the worst fate.

  • 16-17 Hands-on workshop "Pressurised Air Engine Boat VS Electric Engine Boat"

The ultimate match is on – will the winner be a jet engine boat powered by pressurised air or a motor boat powered by electricity? How does boat traffic influence the ocean and why is important that we are aware of it? This workshop will give participants the chance to learn all about it while building one boat or the other using recycled materials and then making them race against each other.

The Fathers’ (Sea)Academy weekend is part of the International Science Centre and Science Museum Day and supported by the ocean literary project Sea Change.