Outside the house – invite AHHAA for a corporate event.

Organise a corporate event with AHHAA! Your corporate event can be something extraordinary! We deliver a memorable programme full of knowledge-based experiences and exciting activities for your team. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

What kind of experiences can we bring to the table?
  • Science Theatre shows accompanied by a flurry of spectacular experiments;
  • Competitive team games where you can have fun competing against each other;
  • An hour-long conveyor workshop for as many as 50 people at a time;
  • Science orienteering, which challenges the mind and makes it impossible to remain uninvolved.
We believe that your employees will be reminiscing about their AHHAA experience during the corporate event for a long time to come.

Organize a praiseworthy corporate event with AHHAA and let yourself be amazed by the world of knowledge.