Kindergarten, ages 4-7

Kindergarten children are particularly curious about the world around them. Why do ants walk behind their ant-friends instead of next to them? What happens to cake once I eat it? Why is ice cream cold in the fridge but drips down your arm when you eat it?

Coming to Science Centre AHHAA with your kindergarten group is a wonderful way to expose children to the world around them in a knowledge-based way, to answer questions as soon as they arise, and do all this in a playful and fun way.

Whether it’s the thrilling science show put on for children in the science theatre, a workshop experiment to study scratching or exploring the universe with friends in the planetarium. Everything seems exciting because this is life outside of them and too immense to fathom.

Give them a day that brings a happy smile to their faces, even as they fall asleep at night.