Christmas Party

Come to us for an office Christmas party you won’t soon forget!

AHHAA is the perfect place for holding an engaging office Christmas party! With our constant turnover of exhibitions and special extra activities, there is little doubt that an office Christmas party here will stay with your employees for a long time.
We offer three packages for office Christmas parties. Feel free to choose the one that best suits your needs:

(All prices include VAT)
Knowledge packed Christmas party package for up to 30 people.
  • Choose your room: the Pesa or Laika seminar room;
  • Duration 2 hours;
  • Tickets to the science centre for 30 people;
  • Prices start from €490
Knowledge packed Christmas party package for 31-50 people.
  • Choose your room: the Pesa or Laika seminar rooms, the Lektoorium conference hall or the Science Theatre auditorium;

Christmas party for adults

Are you looking to organise the perfect Christmas party to cheer and excite your colleagues? We have something completely unique in store for you! We have something completely unique in store for you!

A Christmas party for adults at Science Centre is AHHAA is an elaborate celebration mixing science and fun.

Depending on the Christmas party package chosen, your
Christmas party for adults can feature the following opportunities:
For children

Christmas party for children of company employees
Children love Christmas and we know exactly how to organize an edutaining Christmas party. The Christmas party for your employees’ children includes everything you need to celebrate Christmas in a memorable way.

Price List

Christmas party room (Laika or Pesa)
  • Privaatne
  • Dekoreeritud
48 €/h
Christmas party room (Lektoorium)
  • Privaatne
  • Dekoreeritud
59 €/h
Science Theatre performance
  • Aha, Cold as Ice
  • An Elf's Christmas Exam
250 €

Booking and information

We recommend that you place your order early as the Christmas orders fills up very quickly.

Reservations are welcome by e-mail to Please be sure to indicate the date and time you would like to have your Christmas party at AHHAA, and the number of people.

NOTE: Submitting a reservation is not a confirmation! Our administrator will respond to your booking request and either confirm it or offer solutions to find suitable alternatives if the time you have chosen is not available. For more information, please call 515 6766 (Mon-Fri 9-17).