Children's Birthdays

To organise children’s birthdays at the science and knowledge-packed AHHAA centre is a gift in itself. It will make your child’s day special, whatever their age or skillset. Children’s birthdays at AHHAA offer well-designed programmes and a wide range of activities.

What’s included in the Science Centre AHHAA children’s birthday party package?

In addition to an extremely cool birthday experience everyone would love to come to, you will get:
  • AHHAA day tickets for 15 guests and birthday kid
  • use of a private birthday room for two hours
  • a fun workshop, mini science theatre or a unique planetarium show for child’s birthday party
  • the opportunity to wander around the centre until closing time
  • FREE delicious Limpa Lemonade for your guest
  • FREE educational gift for the birthday child
  • FREE parking

Children’s birthdays at AHHAA are make for a memory that lasts for a long time. Curious to know how much a children’s birthday party would cost?

Adult birthday package
  • Use of private birthday room for 2 hours.
  • Day ticket to the AHHAA Centre for all guests.
  • Panetarium show of 25 minutes or mini theatre of 20 minutes.
More information
  • Food can be ordered from Newton Café in the AHHAA Centre. Contact: You can also bring your own food.
  • The birthday rooms are equipped with plates, glasses, forks and knives, salad bowls, water jugs and flower vases. For cakes and pies we offer plates, forks and trays. In addition, a kettle or a French press is available.
  • For reasons of fire safety, sparklers and volcanic candles are not allowed in the party room. Candles are allowed.
  • Any necessary preparations can start 15 minutes before the start of the birthday party.
  • Payment for the birthday package must be made on the day of the birthday party at the cash desk of the AHHAA Centre - cash/card. There is no possibility of prepayment.
  • The 15 guests in the package must include all the participants (including parents) of the birthday party, except the birthday child. However, if the birthday party has less than 15 participants, the price of the package remains the same as in the price list.
  • The only time limit is the use of the birthday room - 2 hours. The price of the birthday party will be the same as the price indicated in the price list.

Birthday prices

Birthday party package (Mon-Thu from 10:00 to 15:00)

Up to 16 people (incl. parents, if it's a child's birthday).
200 €Book

Birthday party package (Mon-Thu from 16:00 to 19:00)

Up to 16 people (incl. parents, if it's a child's birthday).
240 € Book  

Birthday party package (Fri-Sun)

Up to 16 people (incl. parents, if it's a child's birthday).
240 € Book   
Mini science theater
In addition to the boirthday package
150 € Book 

Additional participant

NB! The birthday room fits 25 people
15 €

Additional participant (preschooler)

NB! The birthday room fits 25 people. The price includes participation in workshop/planetarium. Entrance to the science centre is free for preschoolers.
5 €

Party room cleaning service

25 €  


Please select a room and starting time of the party. You can enter the room 15 minutes before the start of the party.
- The workshop is available
- The planetarium is available
NB! Days with orange text have different pricing.


Aha, Germs!

Try your hand as a real microbiologist! Each participant can test the surfaces of their choice to make sure that the area is clean or find out that the area has an exciting life of microorganisms.
Age 5+
40 min

Ice Cream Laboratory

In this workshop you'll learn all about ice cream - and make some on your own! You'll also find out some cool historical facts about this tasty treat.

Age 9+
45 min

Caffeine Crystals

Extract caffeine from caffeine pills, create marvellous crystals and observe them under the microscope.
Age 12+
45 min

Soda Factory

Explore the history of this fascinating bubbling drink, and make some of your own as well! You'll also find out where soda comes from and how bubbles get in soft drinks.
Age 4+
45 min

Nuts and bolts explained

We all know the stories of the bolt and the nut, but how do they actually work and what's the difference? In this workshop, we'll make a fun keyring for the youngest ones using different fasteners.
Age 4+
40 min

Photo Printing

We're going back to a time when there was no iPhone and pictures didn't come from a printer. Let's manually print images using old-fashioned techniques. 
Age 8+
40 min

Rocket Launching

What makes rockets fly? What should a good rocket look like? In this workshop, we will learn how to get a rocket airborne with simple effort and what exactly you need to do it. We'll design our own rocket and fly it VERY high!
Age 8+
40 min

Soap Laboratory

Why do we need soap to get bubbles and how did people make soap in the past? You'll soon find out, and make your own soap - wonderfully bubbly and well-scented.
Age 5+
45 min

Chocolate Laboratory

Get to know the colourful history of the world's most beloved sweet and make your own delicious chocolate. And then, of course, eat it!
Age 5+
45 min