Nuts and bolts explained

Entrance with science centre ticket
40 min
Age 4+
We all know the stories of the bolt and the nut, but how do they actually work and what's the difference? In this workshop, we'll make a fun keyring for the youngest ones using different fasteners.


  • Grupi suurus on 12-25 inimest.
  • Sobib vanusele alates 4. eluaastast.
  • Kestab kuni 30-45 minutit.
  • Minimaalne ettevalmistusaeg: 15 minutit.
  • Minimaalne koristusaeg: 15 minutit.
  • Võimalik on läbi viia kaks samateemalist töötuba paralleelselt (täpsem info tellimuse esitamisel).

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Let's play with senses

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In this workshop we are going to see some of the smaller creatures really up close! We will see with our own eyes what is the body structure of insects and make certain what is the difference between spiders and insects. Moreover, we will discuss the reason behind so many people being afraid on these little animals.

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Photo Printing

We're going back to a time when there was no iPhone and pictures didn't come from a printer. Let's manually print images using old-fashioned techniques. 

Slingshot Airplane

Have you solved the mystery of how planes fly yet? But why do they stay in the air at all? In this workshop, we will get answers to the most burning questions about flying airplanes.

Rocket Launching

What makes rockets fly? What should a good rocket look like? In this workshop, we will learn how to get a rocket airborne with simple effort and what exactly you need to do it. We'll design our own rocket and fly it VERY high!

Christmas Decoration with a Spark

Ever notice how sometimes your hair is completely charfed with static electricity, or how you get a small "electric shock" when touching different objects. And especially in winter! Build a christmas decoration and put a real "spark" in it - let's find out what static electricity is all about!

Heart dissection

Find out what heart is and what it does, is it possible to replace or revive. In this workshop you can also dissect a real heart and see how firm is your hand while holding a real scalpel.

CO2 Rocket

What is the jet force that makes rockets fly? How could we use carbon dioxide to fly rockets?

Soap Laboratory

Why do we need soap to get bubbles and how did people make soap in the past? You'll soon find out, and make your own soap - wonderfully bubbly and well-scented.

Eye Surgery

Find out how our eyes really work and who has the largest eyes in the world. In the end of the workshop, you can grab a scalpel and get a unique glance inside a real eye.

Squeeze the Stress Away

We'll talk about which stress balls and pinch pads are available and why they are so popular. Each participant will be able to make a stress reliever of their choice in the workshop.

Diving Squid

What is density? Why aren’t ships sinking? How do fish dive?

The Great Meltdown

Why do we throw salt and sand on the roads in winter? What's the fastest way for melting ice? Why do we need to de-frost the locks? How can something that's not warm still melt the ice? Come and find answers to all these questions, and many more!

Let's Make Beeswax Wrap!

How much packaging waste does 1 person generate per year? What are alternative materials to plastic? What is beeswax and where does it come from?

Building a Tower

Have you thought why tall buildings don't fall over? Or how and from which fragile materials could you build a high tower? In this workshop you will learn how stable and tall buildings are built and can build one yourself!

Vacuum chamber

Have you ever wondered how a marshmallow would look like in space? Does vacuum even change the shape of things?

Building a racecar

Have you wondered which car is the fastest? What affects the speed of a car - streamlined body, size of wheels or is it something else? In this workshop you can build yourself a fast racecar!

Pillar of liquids

What is density? How do we measure density? Which units are used to measure density?

Blood Under Pressure

Do you know what a person's blood pressure is and how to measure it? How do blood pressure monitors and stethoscopes work?

Chocolate Laboratory

Get to know the colourful history of the world's most beloved sweet and make your own delicious chocolate. And then, of course, eat it!