For Schools

Bringing your class or kindergarten to Science Centre AHHAA is a great break from a classroom setting. AHHAA appeals to boys and girls alike. Furthermore, it also lets teachers take a break from their daily work in the classroom. Visits like this give every child, no matter their age, something to look forward to.

Time works in a different dimension here than it does in a classroom. You’d be surprised how swiftly 45 minutes go by as you follow the experiments put on by our science theatre.

By the time you enter the planetarium, time seems to slip away entirely – it seems only moments ago that the lights dimmed to mark the start of your journey before the lamps unexpectedly switch back on.

Children all but run to the workshops, where they can discover the curiosities of the human body and bacteria or peek into the fascinating world of the soap laboratory in the safe company of their peers. They try their hand at food science and explore why caffeine is so necessary for adults.

A day spent at Science Centre AHHAA with your class or kindergarten group is packed full of fun, adventures, answers to every possible question and a whole lot of knowledge!