Schools, 1.-12. grade

Visiting Science Centre AHHAA with the class is a nice change. A study tour to AHHAA is particularly useful for some practical experience to balance classroom learning. For example, you can get up close and personal with the nature of electricity and learn how exactly a light bulb in the ceiling lights up. Or perhaps you’d like to earn AHHA’s professional lemonade maker certificate to boost inspiration in the classroom? If high school students find textbook anatomy a bit dry and boring, they might want to try their hand at dissecting the pig’s eyes or heart during a study tour.

Many people find study tours to Science Centre AHHAA fascinating. Chances are that all students are curious to know how humans actually work. Where are feelings located? Or thoughts? Why do we have reflexes and is the heart really heart-shaped? Study tours to workshops at the science centre help answer these questions and many more.

Science doesn’t have to be boring. And it’s not. Science Centre AHHAA aims to foster a knowledge-based mindset in children by introducing them to science through everything that makes it exciting, engaging and makes for a show-stopping experiment, while maintaining a professional approach.

There is plenty to discover and get excited about, whether you’re 7 or 17. Who doesn’t love a good joke and an explosion?!! Fun and knowledge go hand in hand on study tours to Science Centre AHHAA.