MOVIE: Satelix

Admission from the age of 5!
Entrance with separate Planetarium ticket
25 min
Age 10+
Satellites are with us all day. When we wake up, go to school, to work or for a trip, and when we spend time with our families in the evening, too. And at night? In the darkness of the night, they guard us while we sleep. Without them, we would not have navigation in our cars or mobile phones, accurate weather forecasts, and in fact many everyday items, either.
We used to wander around the continents and the oceans to expand to every corner of our planet. Not long ago, like heavenly riders, we conquered Earth’s atmosphere. And now… now we are becoming wanderers in a new vast world called the universe. Satellite technologies help us every day. They are the symbol of international cooperation across the continents. And they might enable us to live on this planet for another millennium. You don’t believe it? Come and see for yourself in our planetarium!

Suitable for visitors aged 12 and over.


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