LIVE: Journey Through the Universe

Admission from the age of 5!
Entrance with separate Planetarium ticket
25 min
Age 5+
Let us take you on a ride to the depths of the Universe and its edge (that we are currently aware of)!

Let's discover the Universe together! Starting from Earth, we'll visit the planets of the Solar System, their moons and our spacecraft discovering them. Then let's go even farther, among the countless stars of our Milky Way and other galaxies beyond until the edge of the visible Universe.

Live shows are performed by the planetarian and are not pre-recorded. This means we can take your wishes and preferences into account – just ask what you wish to learn about and we'll steer our virtual spaceship that way! A typical live show includes an overview of the night sky, the Solar System and the Milky Way galaxy.

AHHAA's planetarists speak Estonian and English, but the language of a specific show depends on the current planetarist. This means that we cannot guarantee shows in all four languages every day.


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Satellites are with us all day. When we wake up, go to school, to work or for a trip, and when we spend time with our families in the evening, too. And at night? In the darkness of the night, they guard us while we sleep. Without them, we would not have navigation in our cars or mobile phones, accurate weather forecasts, and in fact many everyday items, either.

MOVIE: The Race to Space

“The Race to Space” is an immersive fulldome film that takes the viewer on a journey through the early years of humanity’s history of spaceflight.