MOVIE: The Race to Space

Admission from the age of 5!
Entrance with separate Planetarium ticket
31 min
Age 14+
“The Race to Space” is an immersive fulldome film that takes the viewer on a journey through the early years of humanity’s history of spaceflight.

Unlike the modern days of cooperation in space exploration, these years were marked by the intense rivalry between the US and the USSR for dominance in space and in the minds of people. In just 30 years between 1945 and 1975, space technology went from the first rockets barely capable of leaving the atmosphere to launching manned flights to the Moon and having space stations in Earth orbit. Now you can experience these historic events yourself by flying along with Yuri Gagarin on his historic first spaceflight, or landing on the moon with Apollo 11, and much more!

Suitable for visitors aged 14 and over.


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