From November 17, 2023 Until April 28, 2024

Aha, dinosaurs!

Ajutine näitus
Entrance with centre ticket
Aha, dinosaurs! - they're back! Travel back in time hundreds of millions of years and discover the wondrous world of the dinosaurs!
Fifteen moving life-size dinosaurs invade AHHAA!
In a unique jungle-like environment the ancient giants come back to life again. Among others, you will see the often feared tyrannosaurus, the horned triceratops with its royal collar, the stegosaurus with its spectacular bone plates, the pteranodon with its nine-metre wingspan and many others.

Psst... THEY'RE BACK! 🦖

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In addition to exhbition halls, you'll find lots of fun exhibits in AHHAA's lobby as well! Find your way through the mirror maze, solve various puzzles and check your reflection in the distorting mirrors.

Hall of Technology

Ride the bicycle high above the hall, take a photo of yourself with an exploding balloon and see what's inside the washing machine and other home appliances.

Hall of Nature

Watch the everyday life of wood ants and chicken, check out the tropical fish, create fascinating patterns with the water printer and spin the fog swirls

University of Tartu Medical Collection

Get a glimpse of one of the most extraordinary collections in the whole world! Come and see the medical collections of the Uni. Tartu Faculty of Medicine, with exhibits dating back as far as 1803.