Let us take you on a ride to the depths of the Universe and its edge (that we are currently aware of)! We begin our journey on Earth, our home planet, and visit various other planets in our solar system on the way. We will pass the stars, take a look at Milky Way and other galaxies and speed onwards until we've reached the very "end" of the Universe. On our way back, we will also drop by the International Space Station (ISS).

Live shows are carried out by the planetarists themselves, which means that the content of the show canbe adjusted to fit the age and preferences of the audience. A live show usually consists of a brief overview of a night sky/stars, journey through the solar system and introduction of the Milky Way galaxy and the Universe beyond that.

AHHAA's planetarists speak Estonian and English, but the language of a specific show depends on the current planetarist. This means that we cannot guarantee shows in all four languages every day.


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