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Science Centre AHHAA welcomes all school groups from Estonia and abroad!
Group discount applies to groups that consists of at least 12 people and to booked visits only

What can you do in AHHAA?

Our science centre ticket gives you the access to more than 170 exhibits in three exhibition halls! For an additional fee, you can:

  • explore the depths of space in our planetarium;
  • create something new in our hands-on workshops;
  • see the fun experiments on physics, chemistry, biology and psychology in our science theatre
Prices and booking

Prices and booking

Group member ticket

  • Includes a brief introduction
  • Applies to booked visits only
  • Group discount starts from 12 people
  • Free admission to one teacher for every 10 students
  • Free admission does not apply to workshops or planetarium)
11 €
ph +372 515 6766

Safety fee

An additional safety fee (0,50 € for the mask, hand sanitizer and exhibition cleaning by the staff) is added to the ticket of every visitor who is at least 7 years old. No safety fee applies to those who only visit the science shop or cafeteria
 0,5 €Pay at the ticket desk 

Planetarium ticket

  • Up to 20 people (+5 extra seats)
  • Planetarium show lasts 25 minutes
4 €
ph +372 515 6766
Participation in a workshop
  • Up to 25 people (min.10 people)
  • Workshop lasts 30-45 minutes
5 €
ph +372 515 6766

Science theatre

200 €
ph +372 515 6766
Group lunches
at Cafeteria Newton on the 2nd floor of the centre
  • Order at least 2 days before the visit! 
  • Cafeteria is open at the same times as AHHAA (Mon-Thu, Sun 10-19, Fri-Sat 10-20)
ph +372 5666 8532

We kindly ask you to book your visit at least 7 days in advance (14 days during the high season in May and June). Please note that when you are late, you may lose your chance of a guided tour or previously booked planetarium shows / workshops.

Attention! If you wish to cancel your reservation, please do it at least seven days before the scheduled visit.

Payment options

You can pay for your visit In cash or credit, at the ticket office of the centre, upon arrival. We kindly ask the leader of the group (e.g. a guide or a teacher) to collect the ticket money from group members before arrival and pay for the whole group at once.

Additional Information

  • There are lockers in the lobby of the centre. To use a locker you need a 1 € coin, which you will get back when you return the locket key.
  • There are 3 parking lots for group buses in front of the centre. Parking for group buses is free for 3 hours. In order to use one of the parking lots, you have to ask for a parking card at the ticket desk, fill it with necessary information and place it on the windscreen of the bus.
  • When visiting Aura Centre on the same day, you get a discount of 20% at the Water Park or SPA, when presenting your ticket (wristband) or receipt from AHHAA. Groups that have visited AHHAA can also use this discount (by presenting their wristbands), but we kindly ask you to inform Aura of your visit beforehand.
  • Also, visitors of Aura Centre can get a 20% discount at AHHAA, when presenting their same day tickets (receipt). This does not apply to planetarium tickets!
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